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install ECO-Eurobolt Client Order

Dear Customer,

In this letter we give you some instructions to work quick and easy with our ECO-application. With ECO you will be able to find our present prices, stock, send us inquiries and orders at any time, night and day. ECO is not continuously on-line but only when you send a request, so it is no problem to let it active all the time.

You can work with your own articlenumbers, of course these should be matched in front with ours, but that we can arrange very quickly. Also you can import your own xls-sheets with many items at once.
It is even very easy to work with ECO directly from your own computer-system. So you do not longer have to go to other windows etc. To establish this your IT-department should contact us. If your articlenumbers have not been matched yet, please contact our sales, so that we can realise this as soon as possible.

To start:

  1. Download the program through following link: https://www.eurobolt.nl/Eco_Setup/Setup.msi
  2. Most of computers have the program: Microsoft .NET Frameworks, if not than also this program must be downloaded with link: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=17851 so that ECO works correctly. Execute the setup and install.
  3. When installation is finished the ECO-application will pop-up. Also a shortcut with our logo on your desktop, is made automatically.
  4. After you select language please close and start ECO again. It will than start in your requested language.
  5. Before you can get response the customernumber and the authorization code have to be filled out. You receive those log-in data in separate mail. If you have done that you can click on check price/availability, request for quotation or order to let show the prices and stock for the items you have filled out. The first time it will take a while, but next requests will go quicker. ECO saves the Log-in data.
  6. Notice the possibilities for delivery-address. When you send inquiry for other address than our offer is according your request.
  7. The program is very easy and you can study it by yourself. Through “Artikelfinder” you can search the items in our stock. But you can also fill out directly the item you need in the first screen. Attention at Size: if you need metric thread, than the size must start with m.
  8. If you select “process file” you can import your own xls-sheets so that you have a quick overview for more items, and you do not have to fill out them one by one. You select your file, select which column is the article and which the quantity and than you can let the program read your articles. They will appear in the first screen and than you can request what you want, availability and price or ask for quotation.
  9. To clean up the items/screen you click on “reset items”.

We assume that we have informed you sufficiently, but if you have further question do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards
Eurobolt bv